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Breaking News: Special report from Haaretz

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Two takes on the Pew Poll and a Cartoon

Articles about the Pew Poll on American Jewry have been proliferating this week,  in stark contrast to American Jewry which has not (been proliferating that is).  I nearly got whiplash today after reading… Continue reading

JTNews Publishes Letter of Blood Libelist

  Should the JTNEWS give print space to a woman who claims Israel uses snipers to kill children? The August 16th edition of the JTNews featured a Letter to the Editor from Linda… Continue reading

How far will Bibi go?

The Mike Report Opinion: It all comes down to the Temple Mount.  Arafat knew this, which is why in the  Camp David talks of 2000 he admonished his negotiators  to “not budge on this… Continue reading

EU punishes Israel over West Bank – Cartoon of the day

The European Union took economic steps to penalize Israel for building communities in the Jewish heartland of Judea & Samaria. This is the first unified economic action by Western Europeans against Jews since the… Continue reading

Gaza short life spans (and flying lessons)

The Palestinian Ma’an News Agency reported today that “An elderly man died on Thursday in a fall from the second floor of his home in Gaza City. Khalil Abu Meza, in his 60s,… Continue reading

Stephen Hawking’s Anti-Israel Prejudice Explained

Arousing the ire of Israel lovers and ecstasy among those dedicated to her destruction, Stephen Hawking announced his participation in an academic boycott of the Jewish State last week. One of the premiere Israel bloggers, Elder… Continue reading

Obama’s Reckless Red Lines

Far be it from the Mike Report to know which is worse, to intervene in the Syrian civil war or to watch from the sidelines. But we can say with certainty that President… Continue reading

Peace Process Hijinks Leads to A Bonus Cartoon of the Day.

The World press is all aflutter about  signs of Arab softening on the parameters of a peace plan, specifically the notion of land swaps. This of course revives hopes among the naive and the foolish… Continue reading

Rabbis against the second amendment & Our cartoon of the day

Today’s  KIROTV.COM features a story about Rabbi Daniel Weiner and his local clergy cohorts using their elevated religious status to push for legislation impeding people’s ability to defend themselves. But today’s cartoon of the day… Continue reading


MIKE REPORT OPINION: Since 1988 egalitarian activists, led most prominently by The Women of the Wall, have demanded the right to engage in non-traditional prayer at the Kotel Hamaaravi.  The   group’s stated goal is to… Continue reading

White House Erases Kotel, Old City, Hebron, Ariel from Map of Israel

The Washington Free Beacon reported today that an Obama administration video highlighting the president’s plans for his Mideast trip depicts Jerusalem, the Golan and Judea and Samaria – as non-Israeli territory. The Golan Heights… Continue reading

Kosher Certificate for Anti-Semitism

The New York Times’ editorial page for all intents and purposes serves  as the Shulchan Aruch of the secular Jew, who analyzes and absorbs it with the same gusto as the most dedicated Daf Yomi devotee. … Continue reading


It is  a rare thing when a running contest serves to illustrate the stark contrast between two diametric civilizations. In the space of two short weeks the Gaza and Tel Aviv Marathons were… Continue reading

For Peace Sake, No Jews Allowed

MIKE REPORT OPINION: Today’s edition of the New York Times offered up an article titled “New Apartments Will Complicate Jerusalem Issue” .  The premise of the article, that Jews living in or near Arab neighborhoods… Continue reading

Dershowitz on Pinkwashing & Cartoon of the day

Alan Dershowitz nails it in his latest article in the NY Post (Hat Tip SB). Which inspired our cartoon of the day. “The anti-Semite just knows that there’s something sinister at work if Jews… Continue reading

The Mike Report Cartoon of the Day


  The JTNews, a newspaper owned by the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle, bills itself as “The Voice of Jewish Washington.”  Do Jewish Washingtonians want their “voice” used to promote organizations bent on the destruction… Continue reading

Anti Israel Propaganda Video…Exposed.

  The Mike Report sees it as an imperative that every supporter of Israel familiarize themselves with the BDS (Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions) movement. BDS is a multi-pronged strategy utilizing multiple movements and… Continue reading

Was Olympia Deli Intimidated by Anti-Israel Bullies?

Last March The Mike Report featured an article about the targeting of Kitzel’s Deli in Olympia, WA by Anti-Israel extremists. At the time Kitzel’s had been threatened that further hosting of Pro-Israel speakers… Continue reading