For some time now  Seattle’s only Jewish newspaper, JT News  has provided a platform for those who work towards Israel’s destruction. While some may argue whether  J street and Peace Now fall into this category, the BDS movement certainly does. None other than Uber Israel critic Norman Finkelstein has declared that the true intent of BDS is the destruction of Israel. Thus I was nauseated to see spread across the cover of this week’s edition of the JT News a photo of three BDS proponents displaying their libelous signage declaring that Israel is practicing South Africa style Apartheid.  Nowhere in the body of the accompanying article are the true  Israel destroying goals of the BDS movement exposed or even questioned. As if this is not troubling enough, one of the only perspectives offered is that of Craig and Cindy Corrie, serial anti-Israel advocates and parents of the infamous Rachel Corrie.

I recall a time when the Jewish Transcript would reflect a love of Israel and love of the Jewish people. This is no longer the case. While I have no doubt that the JT News represents a certain segment of our Jewish community it does not represent me, nor should any lover of Israel or justice offer that publication anything other than their contempt, it certainly has earned mine.