Supporters of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement are on the defensive. A surprisingly candid interview on video with anti-Israel guru Norman Finkelstein at the beginning of last month has sparked a flurry of soul-searching on far-left websites such as +972 and Mondoweiss and among left-wing ideologues such as M.J. Rosenberg, senior foreign policy fellow at Media Matters Action Network, and Haaretz columnist Bradley Burston.

In the video, which went viral first on YouTube and later, after being removed to contain damage to BDS, on Vimeo, Finkelstein declared BDS to be a failure.

Though BDS activists tout the movement’s many successes, in reality “it’s a cult where the guru says ‘We have all these victories’ and everyone nods their head,” he said.

Finkelstein went on to explain why BDS has failed so miserably. The movement’s duplicity and disingenuousness in hiding the fact that a large part of its membership “wants to eliminate Israel” made it impossible for BDS to reach a broad public.

Finkelstein’s comments have resulted in a reevaluation of the entire BDS movement on the Left. And it comes at a particularly opportune time as BDS activists on campuses around the world mark Israel Apartheid Week. READ THE REST

Pro-Palestinian protesters hold a banner