You may have heard of a sect of Hassidim where the women wear burka like body coverings.  A reporter from Haaretz managed to spend five days inside the secretive group and reports on the experience – THE MIKE REPORT.

During my five-day visit to Lev Tahor, I was given complete freedom to speak with any member of the community – men, women and also children. All of the community institutions were opened to me and I was permitted to question Helbrans on any topic, and to confront him with any suspicion or claim. All the community members also agreed to be photographed, even though this never usually happens, not even at wedding or other celebrations.

The full openness and the answers I received in Sainte-Agathe left me with a positive impression about the community and its way of life. But at the same time, the nagging doubts never ceased for a moment. Only later, after I returned to Israel, did I learn to what extent some of them were true.

via Pure as the driven snow, or hearts of darkness? – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News.

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