Reading articles about the current rocket assault on Israel I was made aware of several  phony photos circulating across the internet. One shows a girl covered in blood being carried by a distraught father. The caption claims the child is a victim of an Israeli missile strike during the current hostilities. Turns out the photo is from 2006 and the poor girl was a victim of a non combat related incident. Another photo is of  15 year old Ayub who was reportedly killed by an Israeli drone attack while walking to school “eating a potato sandwich”. It turns out there was no Israeli combat activity in the area at the time of the teen’s demise. Apparently whatever the youth was carrying, it was a lot more combustible than a potato sandwich. Another well circulated photo shows a violent explosion in Gaza, reportedly from earlier today, turns out it was from a prior engagement in Gaza several years ago. Even “Pro Israel” J Street put out a press release claiming over a dozen civilian casualties. When challenged by the fact J Street withdrew the press release but made no apology for the “error”. The lesson? Be highly skeptical about any anti-Israel news report, there is a very good chance the facts are just made up. – THE MIKE REPORT

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