This has been a successful three weeks for the local BDS movement in the Pacific Northwest. The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement is a hate group disguised as a social justice movement. Their primary goal is the political and demographic destruction of the Jewish state. On February 28th they won a lawsuit that challenged the legality of the BDS organized boycott of all Israeli goods at the Olympia food co-op. This victory earned the anti Israel movement a full color top of the fold photo and cover story in the JT News.

Meanwhile Kitzel’s Deli in Olympia has been targeted for hosting Israeli speakers and carrying Israeli products. The Deli has reportedly been forced to lay-off staff, saying the boycott by “individuals in Olympia” had cut into their business by 50%.

Earlier this week a delegation of gay activists from Israel arrived in the Pacific Northwest with a full schedule of meeting with local civic and activist groups. Like dominoes, though the meetings with the Israeli delegation were canceled by local groups due to pressure by anti Israel activists.

Buoyed by their string of successes there is little doubt that the local BDS movement will be emboldened to ramp up their attacks on organizations and businesses that in any way interact with the Jewish state.  This is just the beginning.