The snubbing of a delegation of Gay advocates from Israel by the Seattle City Council’s LGBT Task Force last week continues to provoke comment on various blogs and news sites. Meanwhile the Greater Seattle Business Association is so fuming mad that in their press release they ask the LGBT Task force to apologize and to consider resigning en masse (Hat tip Melanie Nathan of

 of the Volokh Conspiracy (A law related blog) posted that “Several aspects of this story deserve attention: the cravenness of the commission in bowing to a few vocal activists, the absurdity of a transgender activist leading the charge against Israel, a liberal nation on such issues, after a visit to the West Bank, where his life expectancy if he were an “out” local would be calculated in months, if not days.

But there is also a law professor angle to the story.  According to the Seattle Times, “the first sign that the [Israeli] group would encounter trouble in Washington state began with a posting Monday on the Facebook page of Seattle University law professor [and the transgender activist noted above] Dean Spade, in which he called the delegation’s visit ‘apartheid and occupation’ wrapped in the rainbow flag.” The text of Spade’s letter to the Commission, in which he urges the commission to cancel the event, can be found here.

So Professor Spade is an advocate of  shunning and boycotting on political grounds Israeli LGBT activists who came to talk about LGBT issues because of his opposition to Israeli government policy.  I wonder how Professor Spade would like it if those in the legal community who find his views on Israel and Israelis as morally repugnant as he finds Israeli policies–conference organizers, law review editors, and so on–turned his own tactics against him and similarly shunned him? If anything, such a boycott would be better-grounded, as it would be based on his personal political views, rather than guilt-by-association based on his nationality.” Read the rest.

Remarkably slow to pick up the story, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA) finally posted an article today on the infamous snub HERE. The story was also covered on Glen Beck’s The Blaze,  on the local Sound Politics blog,  on Arutz Sheva and the popular

Most notably the National Council of Jewish Women issued a press release that condemned “the action of the Seattle LGBT Commission cancelling a reception for a visiting delegation of Israeli LGBT activists”.  

Well done LGBT commission, you know you have gone way too far when you managed to P*** off a bunch of Jewish Grandmas! Nice.