“Jews in and out of Israel are not being killed because they did something wrong, they are being killed because to some their existence is wrong.” 

Every once in a while the truth comes down so hard and obvious that only those with self imposed blinders cannot see.  The cold blooded murder of four Jews, 8 year old, Miriam Monsonego and Rabbi Jonathan Sandler together with his 2 sons, Arieh, age 5, and Gabriel, age 4 is one of those  instances.

For reasons too many to enumerate in this space,  there has been a decades long conspiracy of willful ignorance and denial. A conspiracy embraced by religious leaders, the media, politicians, activists and pundits alike. The lie so central to this worldview is that there is a difference between the murder of Israelis and the murder of Jews.

But the brutal execution style killing of four innocent souls, guilty only of the singular crime of being Jewish puts the lie to this notion.

The Fogel family in Itamar was murdered in the name of the same twisted ideology as that which justified the murders in Toulouse. Izz al-Din Shuheil al-Masri murdered Hemda Schijveschuurder, age 2 and 14 others at the Sbarro Restaurant in Jerusalem for the same reason that  Mohsen Rabbani slaughtered  Yanina Averbuch and 84 others in the bombing of the Jewish Community Center in Argentina.  Naveed Afzal Haq murdered Pamela Waechter at the Jewish Federation of Seattle   for the exact same reason that Kobi Mandell, age 13 and Yosef Ishran, age 14 were murdered outside of Tekoa in Israel.

One need not be an expert on Islam to observe that there is a component or strain of the faith that is encouraging, motivating and justifying the killing of innocents. To those who somehow connect the murder of a child in Southern France with a political situation in the Middle East, I would  ask what political situation motivated the slaughter of 500 Jews in Marrakech and Fez Morocco in 1864?  Was it the “occupation” that justified the murder of 18 Jews in Tunis, in 1869?  Was it the “settlements” that provoked the 1929  murder of Rabbi Slonim Dwek, his 4-year-old son and 65 others in Hebron?

It is inarguable that only a small percentage of Muslims actually engage in violent acts motivated by hatred of Jews. But only a small percentage of Germans actually engaged in violent acts against Jews during World War II.  Nazism was a German problem that could and should have been dealt with by Germans before  genocide could occur.  Islamic Jew hatred is a Muslim problem that first and foremost must be dealt with by Muslims.

Where are the candlelit vigils by Muslims for the Jewish victims of Islamic hate crimes?  Where are the Muslims standing in front of synagogues as a symbolic act of protection, as was done outside of mosques after 9/11?  Where in the Muslim community are the public expressions of horror and soul searching as was universally done by the Jewish community after the Goldstein Massacre in Hebron?

It is a lie when the murder of a Jew of any nationality is justified by the existence of or acts by Israel.   Jews in and out of Israel are not being killed because they did something wrong, they are being killed because to some  their existence is wrong. It is well past time for the Muslim community to address the hate in their midst, and it is well past time for everyone else to take off their blinders.