From the Seattle Times:

Failure to meet with Israeli LGBT group an act of cowardice

The Seattle LGBT Commission was wrong to cancel a reception for visiting Israeli gay leaders; in so doing, Seattle shut off discussion and committed a moral outrage, writes guest columnist Robert Wilkes.

HER name is Irit. She has close-cropped hair and the steely determination one expects from a woman with a long career as a lesbian activist. I expected that. What I didn’t expect was the depth of her tenderness, her goodness and her ability to bond on a fundamental human level with everyone and anyone.

As we met in a Seattle law office, the city below was washed in a sodden gray. On a day like this I tell visitors how incredible our city looks in summer. This morning I have no power to evoke sunlight, because my city, so famous for its openness to differences and kindness to strangers, has betrayed them. It has treated them with a boorish disrespect I once thought unimaginable. READ THE REST