A gathering of mostly elderly Jews at a speaking event in a synagogue in Newton, MA were harassed and intimidated last night by a gang of young thugs wearing identical blue shirts with the words “Apartheid” printed in Hebrew. The incident occurred in the middle of a lecture by visiting Israeli MK’s, including Arab MK, Raleb Majadle. Shortly into the program a group of toughs from Brandeis Students for Justice in Palestine  (A BDS affiliated group) leaped out of their seats and began shouting invective laced remarks at the visibly frightened senior citizens in attendance.  The disruptions did not end until the provocateurs were removed by police.

No matter how righteously indignant these post adolescent toughs feel about their cause, there is no seeming justification for invading a house of worship and frightening the elderly attendees.  The total lack of conscience and complete disregard for consequence is the trademark of the BDS cult whose motto seems to be “publicity über alles.”

Up to this point the Seattle Jewish community establishment organizations (with the notable exception of StandwithUs and the AJC) has tried to ignore or minimize the threat caused by these caustic groups.  The JT-News in Seattle, the house organ of the Jewish Federation, has treated BDS activists as just one of many voices in our diverse community. On the March 2nd cover of their paper, usually reserved for day school children spinning dreidels and the like, they splashed a full color photo of BDS proponents carrying signs alleging Israeli apartheid.

The wakeup call for Seattle’s Jewish community was the extortionist tactics used by BDS affiliated groups like Jewish Voice for Peace this past month in successfully preventing an Israeli delegation of gay activists from meeting with local city politicians. The Seattle Jewish Federation and the ADL rose to the defense of the snubbed Israeli LGBT delegation with an indignation never before displayed despite a lengthy history of similar assaults by BDS agitators against other less politically popular targets.

We must all agree that BDS is different

How should the Jewish community respond to BDS?  The first step is to recognize that BDS is different.  As distasteful as it is, the difference lies not  in their thuggery and bullying tactics but rather in their endgame.  The ultimate goal of BDS is the political destruction of Israel as a Jewish state.  This is to be accomplished by delegitimizing Israel and flooding its pre 1967 borders with millions of Palestinian Arabs via an imagined “right of return”.

On one thing all Jews agree, one cannot claim to be of the Jewish faith while professing belief in Jesus as one’s savior. Similarly we must come to a communal understanding that one cannot be welcomed under the umbrella of the Jewish community while at the same time working towards the political elimination of the Jewish state.

You can watch Video of  BDS toughs in action HERE and HERE. More about BDS HERE and HERE.