The Times of Israel is reporting that  four Rabbis affiliated with Neturei Karta  were attacked at an Anti-Israel rally in Jordan today.

Four Jews who have devoted their lives to the elimination of Israel, who have hugged Ahmadinejad and participated in a holocaust denial conference were beaten during today’s Land Day protests.  They were beaten while demonstrating against Israel with people who wish to eliminate Israel.

If ever there were credentials that would guarantee  acceptance  by an anti-Israel mob, these Rabbis had it.  But it did not matter to the rioters that these four Rabbis hated Israel as much as they did. It did not matter that they fought as enthusiastically as any Islamist  fanatic or leftist radical against the Jewish state. What mattered to the demonstrators was that these Israel hating, holocaust denying, despot loving Rabbis were Jews. And so they were beaten by the very people they flew halfway round the world to support.  Perhaps now they will understand that our enemies don’t wish to destroy Israel because it is full of Zionists, they wish to destroy Israel because it is full of Jews.  But I doubt it.