The City of Seattle sent out a trial balloon today on an innovative new concept in municipal sanitation, it’s called… not picking up the garbage.  

OK, I’m jumping the gun a bit, but just a bit.  The Seattle Times is reporting that Seattle is considering reducing garbage pick up to once every other week “as a way to save money and boost recycling.” The city will test the plan out this Summer on 800 families.  If successful (and it will be) then twice a month pickup could be the law by 2015. According to the Seattle Times, the plan might save the city some money, but probably just a little. On the other hand residents expressed concern about “smelly garbage standing for an extra week, a higher cost associated with a larger can, and the risk that if they forget to put out the garbage, it would be a month between pickups.”

 So why is the city really reducing trash pick up? For the same reason they are reducing parking downtown, to force us bad, wasteful city dwellers to behave,  get out of our cars, produce less trash and become one with nature. Well I am sure of one thing, once there is two weeks between garbage pick-up, our yards will smell a lot more like a farm, which is the very scent  our ancestors moved to the city to get away from. 

Note to Mayor McGinn; a city government has just a few core responsibilities, fix the roads, keep us safe and pick up the garbage!