Many have wondered how far the liberal Jewish “peace movement” would go before there was no differentiating between them and Israel’s enemies. Events of the past two months have provided us with the answer.  Israel’s most extreme  critics such as leftists Norman Finkelstein and Noam Chomsky  as well as über liberal organizations like J Street and Peace Now have been frantically distancing themselves from the BDS boycott Israel movement and their  affiliates (such as  Jewish Voice for Peace) like children on the schoolyard running from the kid with cooties.  

It is encouraging that even the most naive of the naive can discover the reality once struck enough times over the head by the painful mallet of truth.  And the reality they have discovered is that those who advocate for the boycott and flooding of Israel  with millions of Arab refugees do not have benevolent intentions towards the Jewish state.  Thus we now have a split  between the BDS’ers who sincerely wish harm to Israel and the J Street and Peace Now types who with equal sincerity wish to help Israel while at the same time advocating for concessions which will ultimately bring her harm.  

Eran Shayshon writes today in the Times of Israel how the BDS movement is finding it increasingly difficult to find dupes allies amongst Israel’s liberal critics now that their goal of Israel’s destruction has been exposed for all to see. Shayson believes that  if the Zionist left, center and right can  unify their efforts in those areas where  they share agreement, specifically that Israel has a right to exist and a right to defend herself, than  together  they can defeat the radicals who would do her harm.

Read Shayson’s article in the Times of Israel HERE.