Cartoon of the Day – McGinn and the May Day Riots


The Anarchist websites openly and in a detailed fashion broadcast in advance their plans to wreak havoc on the downtown streets. One day before the riots, the Seattle Times published on their front page, the plans and possible tactics of the black masked goons. Despite the advance notice of planned mayhem, Mayor McGinn ordered his police force to stand down.

It is the first responsibility of a municpality to protect her citizens and property. Mayor Mike McGinn failed in this duty on a grand scale. He was provided  advance warning of the malicious intent of a bunch of masked thugs and yet deliberately stood by and watched while his city was assaulted. This is more than a failure of leadership, it is  malpractice of the highest order.  Whether or not the voters of Seattle will remember May Day of 2012 come election day of November 2013 remains to be seen.