Man fails to fire shots in Rainier Beach, nobody hurt


By Steve Miletich

Seattle Crimes staff reporter


No shots were fired by a pedestrian crossing the street at Rainier Avenue S. &  S. Henderson Street  today in Seattle’s  Rainier Beach neighborhood.

Seattle Police say a man was reported to  have not fired shots in the Rainier Beach neighborhood of Seattle today. The incident occurred on the crime filled  corner of Rainier Avenue S. and  S. Henderson Street where gunshots and ambulance sirens are as ubiquitous as the sound of birds chirping and jets flying overhead. The suspect, Ross McGowen told police he crossed the busy intersection on foot en-route to Jack in the Box, a popular gang magnet where most of the parking spots are usually closed by crime scene tape. “I wanted a burger so I went to get a burger” said Mr. McGowen who acknowledged to detectives that he did not fire a weapon and in fact does not even own a firearm.

Sitting at the counter of King’s Donut Shop, Richard Drake expressed his discomfort with the changes he sees coming to the neighborhood. “I have lived here my whole life and there are certain things I expect every day, like my jelly filled donut with coffee and the sound of a .45  followed by screeching tires.” A spokesman for the Seattle Police Department reassured locals  “I do not want our community partners to be alarmed, incidents like this are far from the norm”, He went on to assert that Ross Mcgowan, the non gun firing pedestrian, “does not represent the values of Rainier Beach” and promised that the the usual routine of gun play, police lights and coroner vans would most likely resume before nightfall.