The US Embassy website in Tel Aviv readily acknowledges its geographic location in Israel.  On the other hand, a visitor to the website of the US Consular office in Jerusalem would be hard pressed to find any reference to the host country in which it is located.  

The website of the US Embassy in Tel Aviv boldly acknowledges its host country on it’s banner and features a prominent photo of President Obama offering Rosh Hashana greetings.

The same cannot be said of the website of the US Consul General, where its location in Jerusalem is prominently featured, but one would be hard pressed to find the name of the host country. 

There is no Rosh Hashana greeting on the Jerusalem consul’s webpage but Jerusalem Consul General, Michael Ratney delivered an Eid Al-Fitr greeting in fluent Arabic on  Youtube. There are no greetings for any Jewish holidays in any language to be found on the Jerusalem Consul’s YouTube Page.

The Jerusalem Consul’s YouTube Iftar greeting, note the English and Arabic title under the US flag, but no Hebrew.

Their twitter feed extends Iftar and Ramadan greetings as well as offering the occasional tweet in Arabic. 

The US Consul in Jerusalem tweets Ramadan greeting and Arabic posts but Jewish Holiday greetings and Hebrew posts are not to be found.

Local Christians may have appreciated the Easter Greetings tweeted by the Jerusalem consul last April but would be hard pressed to find any acknowledgement of the Passover Holiday celebrated by the majority of the residents in their host city.

The US Jerusalem Consul extends Easter greetings to Jerusalem’s Christian residents, but offers no such greeting for Passover.

When the Jerusalem Consul highlights Hilary Clinton’s meeting with the Prime Minister he is not referring to the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Natanyahu  but rather the Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority, Salam Fayed.