Was Olympia Deli Intimidated by Anti-Israel Bullies?

Last March The Mike Report featured an article about the targeting of Kitzel’s Deli in Olympia, WA by Anti-Israel extremists. At the time Kitzel’s had been threatened that further hosting of Pro-Israel speakers or events could potentially harm their business. Annie Robbins, an Anti Israel writer who criticized Kitzel’s at the time for hosting a group of Israeli Gay activists, advised the deli to focus on the “exposure and celebration of local Jewish artists or evenings that highlight famous Jewish figures” and to “stay away from promoting zionism.”

Nine months later it appears that Kitzel’s has followed the “advice” of Annie Robbins and others hostile to the Jewish state. With the possible exception of one event in June featuring speakers from the left leaning J Street, the George Soros funded anti-Israel organization, Kitzel’s has assiduously avoided hosting any speakers or events that might be construed as supportive of Israel.

While The Mike Report did not speak to the owners of Kitzel’s Deli, we will presume that the proprieters would, at least publicly, deny any relationship between the threats made against their deli last March and the programming choices made since then. The Mike Report does not question the right of Kitzel’s or any other privately owned business to host whatever events or speakers they choose, but we cannot help but wonder what effect the chilling threats made against Kitzel’s last March may have impacted the choices the deli has made since.

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