Anti Israel Propaganda Video…Exposed.


The Mike Report sees it as an imperative that every supporter of Israel familiarize themselves with the BDS (Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions) movement. BDS is a multi-pronged strategy utilizing multiple movements and organizations towards the goal of delegitimizing and ultimately destroying the state of Israel.

One of the more nefarious BDS organizations (even by BDS standards), is the Jewish Voice for Peace. This rabidly anti-Israel organization recently released a video purporting to tell the history of the Arab Israeli conflct. The BlueTruth blog  does a superb job of   eviscerating the JVP video while providing a great lesson in BDS methodology as well as deep insights into the true history of the Arab Israeli conflict. Read on.

Jewish Voice for Peace: Animation FAIL
From BlueTruth: Jewish Voice for Peace has released a 6 minute animation which purports to be an introduction to the Israeli-Arab conflict. Like much of JVP’s other work, it’s cute, simple– as well as wrong on the facts. It’s also misleading with respect to JVP’s actual agenda, which includes consistent support for “river-to-the-sea” rejectionist groups and support for BDS.

It doesn’t take long for them to mischaracterize the entire history of the modern Zionist movement. Their opening sentence frames the entire issue as “building a refuge for a persecuted people in a place where another people already lived.” While Westerners did both understand and sympathize with the need of the Jewish people for a land where they could live free of the pogroms and second class citizenship that marked their lives in much of Europe (as well as lands under Islamic rule, though that story wasn’t as well known at the time), the goal of political Zionism was creating a Jewish state. Only in our own state, not a protectorate of someone else’s empire, could the Jewish people fulfill their own rights to national self-determination. READ THE REST.