Jewish Voice for Peace; A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing


Lee Kaplan is a blogger who does some of the best investigative work on Islamic funded Anti-Israel front groups like Neturai Karta. In his latest piece Lee exposes the origins and motives behind the misleadingly labeled Jewish Voice for Peace.

Jewish Voice for Peace: Arab front group shows true colors as it sends out an email soliciting donations

By Lee Kaplan

As we move into the year 2013, part of the campaign to de-legitimize Israel abroad is to deconstruct the idea that Jews, particularly American Jews, are in favor of a Jewish national homeland and state. At the Palsolidarity conference held at Ohio State in 2003 by the International Solidarity Movement(ISM) it was determined that deconstructing support by American Jews would be the best route to bring down the national Jewish homeland. This was to be accomplished by putting Jews out front who would deny any affiliation or support for Israel. The ISM has called terrorism attacks on Israelis “legitimate resistance” and its leadership has admitted to working with terrorist groups including Hamas.

The Arabs have learned that overt anti-Semitism against Jews does not play as well in democratic Western societies as it does in the Middle East; therefore, to suggest Arab subversive goals against Israel and the Jews that do not look religiously based, the euphemisms of fighting “Zionism” and “Zionists” are used to enable the unknowing to be persuaded to attack or boycott “just” the Jews in Israel, while avoiding the stigma of appearing to advocate either outright anti-Semitism or Islamist expansionism.

This drive includes placing “Jews” out front to call for the dissolution of a Jewish state as part of preserving “human rights” to deconstruct and mitigate attacks on other Jews in Israel.

Now comes written proof that Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) is not for “peace” as their moniker suggests, but for the victory of Israel’s enemies against the Jewish state. Although this was always the case before, JVP managed to convince mainstream media even in Israel more than once that it was merely a peace organization of Jews striving to end the conflict while the organization worked stridently to advance pat Arab propaganda against a Jewish state. READ THE REST.