Kosher Hagel is The Cartoon of the Day

It seems that there is nothing  Sec. of Defense nominee Chuck Hagel can do that will wake American Jews out of their trance-like state. Hagel has said that the Senate is run by the Jewish, um, er Israel lobby, he forced the closure of the USO base in Israel saying “let the Jews pay for it”, he was the only Senator who refused to sign a letter urging Boris Yeltsin to fight anti-Semitism in Russia, he was one of only four senators who refused to sign a Senate letter supporting Israel during Yasser Arafat’s terrorist intifada in 2000. and the list goes on.

Today Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan gave Hagel his coveted endorsement. “Hagel is saying what I’ve been saying for the past 30 years” said the doting Minister.  Yet the organized Jewish community remains as quiet as despair. Hence The Mike Report Cartoon of the Day!