It is  a rare thing when a running contest serves to illustrate the stark contrast between two diametric civilizations. In the space of two short weeks the Gaza and Tel Aviv Marathons were both cancelled. The Gaza race was called off  by the Hamas run government as it was deemed offensive for women to compete in their Marathon. Kudos to the UN sponsors who declared no women, no race. Hamas was only too happy to oblige on both counts.

A mere 45 miles up the coast and less than two weeks later,  planners canceled the Tel Aviv Marathon. The organizers of the Tel Aviv race, open to all, feared that some of the runners may succumb to the unseasonably warm weather, as happened in last week’s half marathon.

One race cancelled for misogyny the other for the welfare and well being of the participating athletes. There are of course better examples of  the vast civilizational gulf between the fundamentalists of Gaza and the democratic  Jewish state, but this one is pretty darn good.