Hack Israel Day Fails – Cartoon of the Day

Cyber attack on Israel falls short of promised havoc

Thus we present The Mike Report Cartoon of the Day!


Christian Science Monitor (Christa Case Bryant): A much-hyped cyberattack on Israeli websites yesterday caused some disruption, but fell well short of hackers’ promise to “wipe Israel off the map of the Internet” and certainly did not turn out to be the “largest Internet battle in the history of mankind.” 

While so-called hactivists have increasingly used the prominent brand of Anonymous to threaten Israel, yesterday’s performance suggests that they don’t always have the means to make as big a splash in cyberspace as promised.

“Sometimes they’re just really not as good as they say they are,” says Guy Mizrachi, chief executive officer of the Israeli data protection consultancy Cyberia, of the weekend attack. READ THE REST AT CSM.