Wobbly Women of the Wall


THE MIKE REPORT OPINION: The Women of the Wall represents themselves as a group of activists determined to pray according to their conscience at the Kotel, one of Judaism’s holiest sites. They have been regularly disrupting  worshipers with  acts of civil disobedience at the Western Wall for well over two decades. Earlier this month a compromise was reached whereby a section of the holy wall would be set aside for egalitarian prayer as per the group’s demands. But the goal of the Women of the Wall was never  equality at the Kotel but rather to perpetually disrupt and demean those who do not share their particular mode of worship and expression. It is not the love of G-d that fuels these self righteous rebels but rather disdain for their fellow Jew. How else can one explain their rejection of an historic peace seeking compromise in favor of continued theological battle with their co-coreligionists? 

We look forward to a time when mutual respect trumps arrogance and peaceful compromise is valued above a radical agenda. The decision of the Women of the Wall to reject what was an unprecedented accommodation tells us that we still have a ways to go.

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