Vietnamese boat people rescued northeast of Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam, after spending eight days at sea. 15 May 1984. (US Navy)

In the summer of 1977 thousands of leaking, untrustworthy rafts and boats bobbed in the vast open waters of the South China Sea. Each of the frail vessels was crowded with frightened, parched refugees, embracing the likely death of the ocean waters over the certain death of remaining in Vietnam. While some found safe harbor the passengers of one particular leaky fishing boat crossed paths with an Israeli cargo ship and by so doing found a home. The Times of Israel tells the story of that particular group of survivors which you can read at this LINK.

The children and grandchildren of these once stateless souls have grown up as Israelis in the Jewish state. They speak Hebrew fluently, are ever grateful for their adopted homeland and even serve in the Israel Defense Forces. Watch the video link below to view the emotional  moment when an Israeli-Vietnamese family accompany their children to their enlistment in the IDF.