Stephen Hawking’s Anti-Israel Prejudice Explained

Arousing the ire of Israel lovers and ecstasy among those dedicated to her destruction, Stephen Hawking announced his participation in an academic boycott of the Jewish State last week. One of the premiere Israel bloggers, Elder of Ziyon explains how an obviously intelligent man can be so morally ignorant.


Excerpt From Elder of of Ziyon blog:

In the United Kingdom, a nation that has embraced the false themes of unlimited Israeli evil and absolute Palestinian Arab victimhood, can we expect people to suspect that they are being fed a diet of lies? Finding out the truth takes time; it takes effort, and it takes commitment, all resources that most people cannot be bothered with. If their newspaper says that Israel is the intransigent party, who will spend the time to research the other side? Who would even consider that there is another side?

In such an environment, how could we expect Stephen Hawking to think differently? Why would he doubt the hundreds of emails he probably received, many illustrated with seemingly authoritative maps showing Zionist expansionism and fake quotes showing Zionist depravity?  He simply has little or no exposure to anything but anti-Zionism and no real ability to check the veracity of the propaganda he and his fellow countrymen have been force-fed for decades. Read the whole thing.