J Street Shocker; Pays Respects at Arafat’s Grave



The Jerusalem Post published a revealing article today by Mollie Adatto, an American college student who recently returned from  a J street sponsored tour while visiting Israel.  J Street is a well funded anti-Israel lobbying organization that attracts naive (mostly Jewish) do-gooders by billing themselves as “Pro-Israel, pro peace”.

In her piece Ms. Adatto describes being shuttled from one anti-Israel propaganda exhibit to the next.  The J Street guides tried to elicit sympathy and guilt from their unsuspecting touristas over the horrific sight of Israeli flags flying over Jerusalem, not even “East Jerusalem” but Emek Refaim, a  part of the city that has been within Israel’s borders since her founding in 1948.

Yasser Arafat tomb in Ramallah, West Bank.

Yasser Arafat tomb in Ramallah. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Although they were lectured by  representatives of the governing PLO and left wing Israeli groups. No pro-Israel perspective was offered by the “Pro-Israel” J Street.

J Street’s tragical Palestinian history tour climaxed in a surreal homage to the godfather of terror, Yasser Arafat. The 1972 Olympic massacre and the attack on an elementary school in Ma’alot where 26 children and teachers were murdered are just the top lines of Arafat’s  lengthy and  bloody resume.  Ms. Adatto writes of her discomfort as her J Street guides bid the group to stand respectfully over Arafat’s grave in Ramallah for “an uncomfortably long period of time.”

J Street certainly has a right to call themselves pro-Israel but with grossly biased programs like this,  their claim holds about as much weight as that of a brutally abusive spouse who declares himself  pro marriage.

Please read Mollie’s original article at The Jerusalem Post by clicking HERE.