How Israel-China Deal Steals Justice from Grieving Mother


Varda Epstein is amongst the sharpest and most passionate writers in the blogosphere. Her latest piece, fueled by the pain of a grieving mother compounded by the perfidy of injustice, leaps off the page.

The young martyrs of the Mercaz HaRav Massacre. (photo credit: courtesy of Rivkah Moriah)

The young martyrs of the Mercaz HaRav Massacre. Avraham David Moses (HY”D) is top right. (photo credit: Rivkah Moriah)

Rivka Moriah, an Israeli mother of three had her beloved sixteen year old son ripped from her life by a terrorist murderer. Seven other mother’s suffered the same fate that horrid night, March 6th of 2008.

“This cruel act, the murder of Avraham David Moses (HY”D), Rivkah’s blond and blue-eyed child has informed Rivkah’s hours, minutes, and seconds ever since. I cannot see her without thinking of him and of what happened and what it must be like to be her, though of course, it isn’t even remotely possible. Thank God.

Last week Rivkah told me something obscene.

She said that most of the families whose children were murdered in the Mercaz HaRav Yeshiva Massacre were filing suit against the Bank of China. The bank handled the accounts of senior leaders of Hamas despite repeated requests that the bank desist in doing so, with full knowledge that the funds would be used to bankroll terror. It was Hamas that claimed responsibility for the Mercaz HaRav Massacre.

In order for the lawsuit to proceed, there must be testimony from military officials. Netanyahu is withholding permission from Israeli army representatives to give testimony in the lawsuit despite pressure from U.S. officials and from Michael Oren, outgoing Israeli ambassador to the U.S.”

Please read the rest of Varda’s powerful and important article HERE  .