The 22 Elephants in the Negotiating Room


The Mike Report is generally the eternal optimist, but in regards to the current negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority I feel the need to coin a phrase from the Star Wars Universe,  to wit “I have a bad feeling about this”.

Let’s be honest with ourselves, there has been no expression of a desire for peace by the local Arabs from day one.  While their actions have indicated a thirst for the destruction of Israel there has been nothing to indicate they have any intention of building an actual state.  The pioneers of modern-day  Israel indicated their goal of statehood by building the infrastructure for a functioning government well before the actual founding in 1948. The same cannot be said of the artificially sustained kleptocracy that is the Palestinian authority or the Theo-fascistic entity that is Hamas run Gaza.

Whatever the case, the very thought of any Jewish leader surrendering any part of our motherland, the soil that cradles our ancient past, resurrected present and hopeful future is cause for grave concern.

The always insightful Israel Blogger known as Elder of Ziyon (EOZ) has assembled a powerful list of the  22  Elephants in the negotiating room.

Elephant 1: Hamas controls Gaza
dumbo-clipart-2Every peace plan includes Gaza in a Palestinian Arab state, and none of them has any provision on how to handle the fact that Gaza is a terrorist haven, in much worse shape since Israel uprooted the settlements there, controlled by a terrorist group that is consistently and wholeheartedly against Israel’s existence.   Peace is impossible with this elephant, so it is easier to pretend it isn’t there. (See also Elephant 11.)


Elephant 2: Palestinian Arabs elected a terror government
dumbo-clipart-2In the only fair, democratic elections in the territories, the Hamas terrorists were chosen by the people. Poll after poll shows that Palestinian Arabs support terror in Israel itself. (Over 40% still support a violent intifada in 2013.) The elections proved that the conventional wisdom was wrong – and the conventional wisdom proceeded to ignore it.


Elephant 3: The current PA government was not elected
dumbo-clipart-2This corollary to Elephant 2 means that the current people negotiating for the Palestinian Arabs do not represent the people. Even if they sound moderate or compromising, they have no mandate. The current PA president is well past his term of office, and the current and previous prime minister were never elected (in fact, he received a tiny percentage of the vote when he did run for election.) Negotiating with the PA is, literally, meaningless. Similarly, the unelected PLO is the real power behind the PA. The PA officially reports to the PLO, and all negotiations are done by the autocratic, Fatah-dominated PLO, not the PA.


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