Seattle’s Jewish Federation condemns pro-Israel ads


These two ads recently appeared on the sides of Seattle Metro Transit buses. One is pro-Israel the other is anti-Israel. Which do you think was condemned by the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle as “divisive and unhelpful?” If you guessed the pro-Israel ad, you would be correct.

Before accepting the pro-Israel ad, Metro Transit insisted that the ad sponsors (AFDI)  provide evidence that the content of their ad was accurate, which they did.  No such demand was made of the anti-Israel ad  which libeled Israel with the offensive falsehood that Arabs do not enjoy civil rights in the Jewish state.  Both Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Palestinian Ambassador to the United States Maen Rashid Areikat have made statements asserting that any future Palestinian state would be free of Jews.

Keith Dvorchik, new President and CEO of The Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle

The pro-Israel ad  states that “The Palestinian Authority is calling for a Jew-Free State, Equal Rights for Jews“.  Somehow from this simple plea Seattle’s Jewish Federation has divined a  well hidden anti-Islamic message which they also condemn with the following non sequitur. “The Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle, and the broad mainstream of the Seattle Jewish community, does not equate support for Israel with intolerance for Muslims or their faith“.

In a region of the United States where hostility to Israel is de rigueur and where pro-Israel students on campus are bullied and intimidated, one would have hoped that the Jewish Federation would have stood with Israel over her enemies and for truth over political correctness.

Seattle’s  Jewish Federation has a history of providing a platform for anti-Israel extremists. The JTNews, the house organ of the Federation has served as a soapbox for the most extreme anti-Israel groups including boycott (BDS) supporting organizations like Jewish Voice for Peace. It is disappointing that under the leadership of  new President and CEO Keith Dvorchik, indications are that the Federation’s confused approach towards Israel advocacy will continue.