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Newspaper Editorial Meeting is our cartoon of the day

The editor of the JTNews has defended printing a letter from an anti-Israel extremist on the grounds that she “is part of our community”.  Revelations that this extremist has acknowledged that she is not… Continue reading

Is Linda Frank even Jewish?

As previously reported on The Mike Report, a letter from anti-Israel activist Linda Frank was printed In the August 16th edition of the JTNews. The letter itself defended Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas… Continue reading

Israel opens first ever mixed prayer area at Kotel

Israel announced the opening of a new mixed gender prayer area at the Kotel. This is an area where the activists of Women of the Wall can pray in any manner they choose.… Continue reading

Masking the smell is our cartoon of the day

Related articles JTNews Editor chastises community critics of blood libeler ( JTNews Editor: Blood libeler “part of community”, “entitled to her opinion” ( Jt News Publishes Letter of Blood Libelist (

JTNews editor chastises pro-Israel readership

The JTNews, under the leadership of Editor/Publisher Joel Magalnick has exhibited a disturbing neutrality when it comes to the safety and welfare of the Jewish state. Stubbornly blind to the difference between disagreement… Continue reading

IDF Soldiers dancing Gangnam style with Hamas?

The MIke Report is not sure what to make of this.  The Times of Israel is reporting that IDF soldiers on patrol in Hebron enthusiastically joined a Palestinian disco dance party.  The circumstances as described in… Continue reading

Cartoon of the Day

Peace talks in the news is the inspiration for our Mike Report Cartoon of the Day.

Partition Plan Primer

Here is a cute and short primer on the first stab (no pun intended) at a two state solution.   From:

Seattle professor Nada Elia hates on Israel (USA as well)

Updated 08/27/2013: Nada Elia  holds a professorship at Seattle’s Antioch University or as she refers to it on her Facebook page “Whitey U” where she describes her duties as “working for the man”. The racist histrionics… Continue reading

Anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism

It is a common refrain among those who perseverate on Israel as the most evil, cruel and diabolical force on planet earth that being opposed to Zionism is not anti-Semitism. Yet no matter… Continue reading

Egyptian Jewish minority overlooked while churches burn

The TImes of Israel speaks to one of the last remaining Jews in Cairo. “Magda Haroun, the president of the Egyptian Jewish community, doesn’t enjoy hearing anti-Semitic slurs on the street. She gets… Continue reading

First F-14 dogfight lasted 45 seconds

From The Washington Beacon via Aviationist Magazine: U.S. Navy F-14s were employed for the first time in air-to-air combat on this day in 1981, according to the Aviationist. The story of the F-14s… Continue reading

Cool picture of what synagogue on Temple Mount might look like

Back in 1980 Rabbi Dov Lior, Rabbi Chaim Druckman, Rabbi Eliyahu Yosef She’ar Yashuv Cohen and Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu  submitted a letter to Israeli government authorities urging the construction of a synagogue  in a halachically unrestricted area of… Continue reading

JTNews Editor: Blood libeler “part of our community”, “entitled to her opinion”

Last week The Mike Report wrote of Linda Frank,  an activist well known in local anti-Israel circles. Her boilerplate screed against the Jewish state was  featured in the August 16th edition of the… Continue reading

JTNews is our cartoon of the day

Page three of the August 16 edition of  Washington state’ only Jewish newspaper, the JTNews featured a letter from Linda Frank, a woman who publicly claims Israel uses snipers to kill children.  The… Continue reading

JTNews Publishes Letter of Blood Libelist

  Should the JTNEWS give print space to a woman who claims Israel uses snipers to kill children? The August 16th edition of the JTNews featured a Letter to the Editor from Linda… Continue reading

The Deadly Price of Peace (& Cartoon of the Day)

Like Winter follows Autumn, violence follows the “Peace Process.  In a superb analysis from 2010 and no less relevant today Evelyn Gordon in Commentary noted that “conventional wisdom continues to assert that Israel’s international standing… Continue reading

Arab youth infiltrates Western Wall, declares Muslim sovereignty over Jewish holy site

SHOCK PHOTO: ARAB POSES AT JEWISH HOLY SITE TO ASSERT MUSLIM SOVEREIGNTY.  PA DOCUMENTARY PLEDGES HOMES TO BE BUILT ON WESTERN WALL PLAZA  Dozens of news agencies this past week featured breathless headlines on a fairly… Continue reading

The proof is in the bowing

The Mike Report was browsing the interwebs this morning and came across two elucidating photos both taken this past Wednesday.   One photo was part of a photo essay of Ramadan in Jerusalem. The… Continue reading

Peace Talks is our Cartoon of the Day