Sure looks like Challa to me

Sure looks like Challa to us.

Sure looks like Challa to us.

The anti-Israel propaganda hate site known as Electronic Intifada, posted a series of photos of Ramadan in Jerusalem today. Many of the comments accompanying  even the most innocuous of  photos manage to take digs at Israel.  A Photo of a packed Al Aqsa mosque made note that “The Aqsa mosque was open this year during the night, unlike the rest of the year when the Israeli authorities force it to close at strict schedules.” And the comment under a photo of a vendor selling jewelry reminded readers that “Israel seeks to isolate Palestinians in the city from the rest of Palestinian society.

My favorite pic of the bunch though is a photo of a table stacked with braided, doughy loaves of bread. The photo caption tells us that the bread,  known as “Khubez mjaddal has become a must during Ramadan for Palestinians in Jerusalem. The tradition is said to have started by a Jerusalem baker  two decades ago.”

I may be mistaken, but the  Khubez mjaddal on that table looks suspiciously like challa.  We can’t help but wonder if the Jerusalem baker’s last name  might not have been Angel.