The Silence of the Hypocrites

silenceTreated as third class citizens in every country in the region, excepting Israel, Arab Palestinians are receiving much of the brunt of the violence and chaos dubbed the Arab Spring,  But there have been no sanctimonious protests by The Jewish Voice for Peace, or jarring bus ads by SeaMaC on their behalf.  

The facts once again show that these groups are not so much pro-Palestinian as they are anti-Israel. To paraphrase the old adage, if a Palestinian is persecuted by fellow Arabs can anybody hear it?

Popular Israel Blogger, Elder of Ziyon (EOZ) highlights a recent article from Amnesty International that describes that conditions are so bad for Palestinians fleeing to Jordan from the war in Syria that many flee right back to Syria.

“Complaints about the conditions here are many. Palestinians are not officially permitted to leave Cyber City. Now and again informal permission is granted to visit relatives in Irbid and Amman and so on, but mostly they are confined to the building and the immediate vicinity. Such conditions amount to arbitrary detention. “I’m sorry, but a dog can come and go more easily than we can,” says a very frustrated Ali, who has been here for more than a year. The closed border to Palestinians and the arbitrary detention of Palestinians is further dividing families, whose identities reflect decades of turmoil and flight. Sena, a Syrian woman, is here with her children while her Palestinian husband is unable to enter Jordan. Ziad is in Cyber City while his Syrian wife and children are in a Jordanian town. Elderly Abu Khaled has to stay here while family members holding Jordanian nationality do not.” Read the rest at EOZ.