“Jews” March with Hezbollah

Hzb2This past Friday was celebrated internationally as Al Quds Day, that special  day when Jew haters around the world can let their freak flag fly.  It is one of those heartwarming experiences where  Islamists and their friends can all join together in a big we hate Israel  group hug.  Like soccer rowdies waving the flags of their favorite team, the Al Quds day marchers revel in publicly cheering  their favorite terrorist groups.  In the London Al-Quds march this year, team Hezbollah was particularily well represented. Also represented, although not quite as well, were about a half dozen  Jew loathing members of Neturai Karta (it’s OK the feeling  is reciprocal). 

Placed front and center by the mob, we found the juxtoposition of  the Neturai Karta members  with the  “We are all Hizbollah” signs worth sharing.