JTNews Publishes Letter of Blood Libelist


Should the JTNEWS give print space to a woman who claims Israel uses snipers to kill children?

The August 16th edition of the JTNews featured a Letter to the Editor from Linda Frank. To offer an unfiltered platform to one of the area’s most notorious slanderers of Israel and the Jewish people takes the Jewish Federation owned publication to a brand new low.

Linda Frank traveled to Hamas run Gaza in 2009 as part of a  Code Pink delegation.

Linda Frank traveled to Hamas run Gaza in 2009 as part of a Code Pink delegation.

It is no secret that Linda Frank does not like Israel, she has spent the past decade promulgating her disgust for the Jewish state.  For many years she has been on heavy rotation in the salons of the most radical anti-Israel organizations, unashamedly distorting Israel’s record with a self righteous urgency that has little time for truth.

Ms. Frank’s demented accusations go far beyond the usual vitriolic  calls for the diplomatic isolation, economic strangulation and demographic destruction of the Jewish State, although she does that as well.  Ms. Frank is a practitioner of the finest of anti-Semitic practices, a practice that in polite society is referred to as a blood libel.

Linda Frank’s most famous foray into the swamp of outrageous vituperation occurred on The Jim Rough Show (Port Townsend TV). In her 2010 appearance on that program with fellow Code Pink member, Kit Kittredge, Ms. Frank made the despicable assertion that the Israel Defense Forces uses snipers to deliberately target and  murder Palestinian children.  When the interviewer, Jim Rough incredulously asks “Are you saying that Israelis just sit on high towers or something and they just aim and take target practice?”  Ms. Frank responded “Yeah, the technology is pretty phenomenal.”   

Later in that same interview Ms. Frank addresses the core question of Israel’s very existence.  She explains “to ask the Palestinians to recognize Israel’s right to exist goes very deep into the issues, it means acknowledging or saying that Israel had a right to ethnically cleanse the Palestinians. I don’t know any people that would be willing to do that. “

Linda Frank is not a mere critic of  this or that Israeli policy, she goes well beyond the line of spirited disagreement to the realm of hate speech. It is her full time vocation as a founding member of Women in Black and active participant in Code Pink to dehumanize Israel and her citizens.  Her fervor to demonize the Jewish state has resulted in her comparison of Israeli military contractors to “Jabba the Hut stuffing babies into his mouth”. 

While the JTNews has a responsibility to share the wide array of views and perspective in our diverse community, there is certainly no obligation to amplify the voices of  those who vilify us with malicious lies and deny us our very right to exist.   As a  publication with an emphasis on Jewish and Israel related matters, one would expect the editors to be well familiar with the active, yet relatively small group of anti-Israel activists that pollute our  Northwest waters.  Even if not, a screed like that submitted by Ms. Frank should have at least  inspired a perfunctory Google search on her by the JTNews editors prior to publication of her letter.

The Mike Report has previously asserted that the JTNews appears to take a neutral stance  when it comes to Israel.  The providing of an unfiltered forum for Ms. Frank leads us to question whether our earlier assessment was too kind.