JTNews Editor: Blood libeler “part of our community”, “entitled to her opinion”

Last week The Mike Report wrote of Linda Frank,  an activist well known in local anti-Israel circles. Her boilerplate screed against the Jewish state was  featured in the August 16th edition of the JTNews.  But there is nothing boilerplate about Ms. Frank. Among her more outrageous prior remarks,  she has accused the Jewish State of killing children using sniper fire. A  link to her shocking slur  may be viewed here.

In a frank e-mail exchange with Joel Magalnick, editor and publisher of the Seattle Jewish Federation owned JTNews, Mr. Magalnick acknowledged that he was “somewhat familiar” with Ms. Frank prior to publishing her letter, but not to the extent that he was aware of her assertion  that the Israel Defense Forces uses snipers to murder children.JTNEWSFRANKJOEL2

When asked if he regrets having provided a forum for Ms. Frank now that he is aware of her history, Mr. Magalnick responded that “Ms. Frank is part of our community and is entitled to express her opinion, as much as we may not like or agree with what she has to say.”

Thus the position of the JTNews is laid bare. Linda Frank, a person who spouts incendiary accusations  that could potentially be used to incite violence against her fellow Jews, is to be considered welcome within the tent of the Jewish community. To add insult to potential injury, the JTNews invites Ms. Frank to use our community funded newspaper as the mechanism by which to harm the reputation of that same community. It is not merely publicity for her warped perspective that the JTNews offers Ms. Frank,  but worse, the air of legitimacy.

 We do not question Ms. Frank’s right to express her opinion, but there is certainly no inherent right to do so in our community newspaper.  The Seattle Jewish community has for decades turned to the Jewish Federation to defend our community against the very canards that Ms. Frank espouses. We urge the Federation to again assume this vital task. A good start would be to review the editorial standards by which the purveyor of a modern day blood libel is given access to their house newspaper.