IDF Soldiers dancing Gangnam style with Hamas?

The MIke Report is not sure what to make of this.  The Times of Israel is reporting that IDF soldiers on patrol in Hebron enthusiastically joined a Palestinian disco dance party.  The circumstances as described in the Times of Israel appear highly unlikely.  The accompanying video show a couple of IDF soldiers, fully armed and in combat gear being hoisted on the shoulders of young  revelers. We don’t know how or why this happened but we do wonder (if this is as reported) who is at greater risk, the soldiers  or the Palestinian partiers?  The IDF soldiers will surely face some sort of disciplinary consequence, if they are  indeed dancing with Hamasniks but what will happen to the young Palestinian partiers  should they be accused by their comrades of collaboration with the enemy? In any case, this would all make a great beer commercial.

From the Times of Israel Report: The IDF may punish a group of soldiers for joining a Palestinian party in Hebron after a video emerged of the infantrymen in full gear dancing to PSY’s Gangnam Style with their Palestinian hosts.

Click photo above to view video.

The party was attended by members of the Jaabari clan, whose male members are known to be members of the terror group Hamas, according to the report.

“This is an incident of utmost severity,” the IDF said in a statement. “The soldiers have been called in for questioning, and the commanders of the brigade and the battalion are investigating. The soldiers [in question] will be dealt with appropriately.”

UPDATE:  Elder of Ziyon says it was actually a Druze Wedding. This makes a lot more sense.”

“A rumor was started  that this video shows IDF soldiers dancing at a wedding near Hebron with Palestinian Arabs: In fact, the YouTube caption says that this was a Druze wedding inside the Green Line. The Druze, of course, join the IDF so these may have been  Jewish or Druze soldiers. (It doesn’t appear to be a Muslim wedding at all.) But the rumors are out there that this was a Palestinian Arab event, with comments from the Arab world that “Arabs are killing each other and here Jews and Palestinians are dancing.”