Israel opens first ever mixed prayer area at Kotel

Israel announced the opening of a new mixed gender prayer area at the Kotel. This is an area where the activists of Women of the Wall can pray in any manner they choose.  It is our supposition  that advocating for equal prayer rights at the Kotel was never the true mission of the organization but was merely used as a bludgeon with which to attack Observant Jews. Will the Women of the Wall  take advantage of this unprecedented accommodation or will they continue to disrupt tefila at one of Judaism’s holiest sites? Time will soon tell.  [Update: Well that didn’t take long, from Haaretz “Women of the Wall scorns new non-Orthodox prayer site“. ]

By Shifra Unger via YourJewishNews.comIsraelis and tourist, who would like to pray in a non sex segregated environment at the Western Wall, can now do so, according to a statement released by the Israeli government. Israel opened the new plaza at the Western Wall, which will host egalitarian prayer services in the holy place. The new platform was built by wooden scaffolding on the south side of the main Western Wall plaza, measuring 450 square meters or about 4,840 square feet, and can accommodate up to 450 worshipers.

The new section was built rapidly in the past two weeks to serve a multitude of faithful, who are expected to reach Jerusalem for the High Holiday period, which begins next month. Under the new plan, the area is now open to the public 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Read the rest at 

Naftali Bennet gives video tour of new mixed gender prayer area.

Naftali Bennet gives video tour of new mixed gender prayer area.