1st Annual Letter of the Year Award

The Jewish New Year of 5774 is upon us so what better time to bestow The Mike Report 1st Annual Letter of the Year Award to our lucky winner. This special honor is presented to the most outstanding of the dozens (or less) letters we have received over the past year. Our expert panel of judges considers content, syntax, spelling, eloquence, relevance & flair when choosing the most worthy of entries.

And the 5773 Mike Report Letter of the Year award goes to (drumroll please)….


Yes, Anti-Semite with the IP address of you are our winner!  


But before we share your winning letter with our viewers, let’s share a little bit about you. According to IPAddress.com you sent your letter ISPfrom the beautiful city of  Blackburn in the United Kingdom. You come from a diverse community where according to Wikipedia you boast “the third highest proportion of Muslims  in England and Wales“.  Also of note “Blackburn became the first town to undertake the mass finger-printing of people following the murder of June Anne Devaney in May 1948″. But as impressive as all that is,  your town is most well known for being mentioned in the Beatles‘ song “A Day in the Life in the lyrics “I read the news today, oh boy / 4,000 holes in Blackburn, Lancashire”. Let’s make that 4001!

You emailed us  your letter from the Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council building where you may be employed, may have been visiting or you might even be an elected official!

 And now to your winning entry. Submitted in November 2012 in response to a Mike Report article about the Rhodes Holocaust memorial being defaced, perhaps by one of your friends, you wrote the following eloquent and moving comment.

“i hate jews as they are evil and always start wars and think they are gods chosen crap. what a load of bullshit. if they were gods chosens people an drace and god is nothign but love and beauty then why are all jews ugly and hateful and evil.”


Well said!  You write with such passion that we can feel the sincerity  in your soul while visualizing the bugged out eyeballs on your face. You also earned some compassion points from our judges who determined that your creative spelling and deteriorating sentence structure was likely the result of a recent aneurism or stroke.

Congratulations Anti-Semite in Blackburn U.K. (AKA Marcus) you are the first ever winner of the Mike Report Letter of the Year Award!

Thank you all for joining us today (sustained applause) we look forward to seeing you back next year for an equally inspiring Letter of the Year award recipient.  Until then from all of us at The Mike Report ,  good night and drive carefully!