Shock admission by JTNews Editor


Infuriating much of Seattle’s Jewish community, most who are invested in the survival of the Jewish state, the JTNews has offered a splashy cover and attractive coverage to Boycott Israel efforts.   Most recently JTNews editor Joel Magalnick was the recipient of criticism over the inclusion of a letter by anti-Israel extremist Linda Frank. The Mike Report has repeatedly stressed that the issue  is not so much what Ms. Frank said in her letter but rather her long history of extremist remarks and activities.  Frank has made comments as spurious as any made by the likes of David Duke and should be treated with the same contempt.

Magalnick repeatedly referred to Frank as a “member of the community and thus deserving of inclusion”.

 Justifying the publication of  Ms. Frank, a woman who  accuses the IDF of sniping at children and who was part of a delegation that met with Hamas officials in Gaza in 2009,  Magalnick repeatedly referred to Frank as a “member of the community” and thus deserving of inclusion.  He asserted in a related letter to his readership that “As a community newspaper we must represent the whole community”. Undoubtedly the vast majority of those who read Magalnick’s letter presumed that by “community”, Magalnick was referring to the Jewish community.

“Linda lives in Tacoma. That makes her a member of our community. It is unclear to me why her religious beliefs are an issue”.

Confronted with the fact that Linda Frank is neither  Jewish nor part of the Jewish community Magalnick responded to The Mike Report with this shocking rejoinder “Linda lives in Tacoma. That makes her a member of our community. It is unclear to me why her religious beliefs are an issue”.

Editorial Board2

Thus the editor of the “Voice of Jewish Washington” has broadened the Jewish Federation owned paper’s mission to serve not particularly the Jewish community, but rather the community of  humanity, or at least local humanity.  As appealing as this universal mission may sound, it leaves our Jewish community without a paper to represent us.  No longer weighted down by a mission to specifically serve our Jewish community, why not cater to the many anti-Israel voices concentrated in our region? 

Thank goodness there are many newspapers that represent mankind, what we  need is a paper to represent and support our Jewish community.

Considering the vehemence and sometimes bizarre contortions used by Mr. Magalnick to justify the metamorphosis of the JTNews, we shudder at what is yet to come from the paper so nobly founded by Herman Horowitz in 1928 as “A Weekly Newspaper Devoted to the Jewry of the Pacific Northwest”.