JTNews ambushes victims of anti-Semitic attack

Seattle thermometers plunged to a frigid 19 degrees on the evening of  January 13th, 2013.  Inside Washington Hall,  a light crowd  assembled in their winter Jackets for the screening of the opprobrious  Pallywood  documentary “Five Broken Cameras”. The event  was Sponsored by SUPER-UW and Jewish Voice for Peace, both groups operating under the aegis of BDS, a movement identified by the ADL as anti-Semitic.

Among those attending the screening was Hen Mazzig, an Israeli Jew who personally witnessed many of  the events misrepresented in the faux documentary. Surprised by the rampant distortions evident in the film, Hen attempted to balance the presentation by  sharing some of his own personal experiences during the Q & A period. Hen was immediately turned upon and verbally assaulted with a stream of  shocking obscenities delivered with a frightening intensity. Rather than be subjected to the  brewing physical confrontation Hen chose to leave the venue.

Remaining behind was Iris Langman, a self described “middle aged Israeli-American woman” who tried to ask a question of the featured speaker. She was immediately charged by one of the men in the audience. An unidentified Jewish man stood between  Iris’ and her attacker, his camera destroyed in the fracas.

Ambushed. JTNews solicited a refutation of the victim's article, Placing the two side by side. Click for full size image.

Ambushed. JTNews solicited a refutation of the victim’s article, placing the two side by side. Click for full size image.

The above described incident is not the most disturbing part of this story.  It is sad but not surprising for Jews to be attacked at an event sponsored by anti-Semitic organizations

Hen Mazzig wrote of his experience at the film screening.  His article was subsequently accepted for publication in Seattle’s Jewish Federation owned community newspaper, the JTNews.  

Without informing  Hen and prior to publication, the editor of the JTNews solicited a rebuttal of Hen’s article from the very same group that sponsored the event where Hen was attacked. The article  by representatives of the Jewish Voice for Peace(JVP), a group designated by the ADL as one of the top ten anti-Israel organizations in the Unites States, was placed by the JTNews editors on the same page and directly alongside Hen’s article. The content of the JVP article made it clear that they had somehow obtained a preview copy of Hen’s article before writing their own.

The content of the JVP article made it clear that they had somehow obtained a preview copy of Hen’s article.

In this short clip, the only video we could obtain of this incident, the hatred displayed is disturbing and palpable.  The perfidious response to the attack on Hen Mazzig and Iris Langman exemplifies the moral confusion at the leadership level of the JTNews. Rather than exposing those who engage in the most heinous of attacks on our community, they  treat the perpetrators as the aggrieved party somehow deserving of preferable treatment.

We look forward to a day when the Seattle Jewish community merits a  newspaper that is willing to  expose our enemies, defend our friends and is capable of telling the difference between the two.