Crazy Stuff Linda Frank Says

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Readers of The Mike Report are familiar with Linda Frank, the fun loving anti-Israel radical who visited Hamas run Gaza in 2009 and accuses Israel of using snipers to murder Palestinian children. Objections  to her letter’s publication  in Seattle’s  JTNews, led editor Joel Magalnick to defend the non-Jewish Frank’s inclusion in the Jewish Federation owned paper on the grounds  that she is a “member of the community” because  she is “from Tacoma”.

Linda’s body of work goes well beyond the occasional blood libel. We at The Mike Report have found her inanity to be so prolific that we have deemed it worthy of a special series of it’s own. which we call “Crazy Stuff that Linda Frank Says”.  

Our first installment of “Crazy Stuff that Linda Frank Says” features an excerpt from her interview on the “Mind Over Matter”  Radio Program.  In that interview Linda explains that Hamas is well, a lot like the Democratic party because… well you just have to listen to it.