Monthly Archive: October, 2013

Islamic group disrupts Seattle Holocaust memorial luncheon

The Washington State Holocaust Education Resource Center‘s (WSHERC) mission is “to inspire teaching and learning for humanity in the schools and communities of this region through study of the Holocaust”. The group is immaculately… Continue reading

JTNews takes cheap shot at Seattle Orthodox Community

The JTNews’ bills itself as the “Voice of Jewish Washington”.  The paper takes pride in their “big tent” definition of community and the wide array of perspectives offered in their pages.  Back in… Continue reading

How to speak Terrorist

After a day or two of  reading news reports from Palestinian media you will be forced to come to the uncomfortable conclusion that Israel has a real problem with olives.   Several times… Continue reading

Attacks on Christians in Arab World escalates, some Seattle Christians blame Israel

Violent persecution of Christians in the Middle East has escalated to the highest level in centuries. From the Washington Post: 40 churches were wrecked, burned and looted in a pogrom-like wave of attacks… Continue reading

They both can’t be true… can they?

JTNews,  “The Voice of Jewish Washington”, continues to treat anti-Israel Jewish Voice for Peace as a legitimate mainstream community organization. The paper serves as a de-facto public relations firm for the radical group,… Continue reading

JTNews whitewashes ADL designated anti-Israel group… and a new Cartoon.

The Anti Defamation League (ADL), America’s leading Jewish civil rights organization today released  its annual list of the  “Top Ten Anti-Israel Groups in the U.S.” and  again Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) made… Continue reading

Commenter on Open Zion delivers brilliant explanation of Israel – and a new cartoon!

On Open Zion this week, Tom Pessah, an Israeli Jew studying in Berkeley wrote a multi-point apologia for the BDS movement, promoting the ultimate goal of BDS, the supposed Palestinian “right of return”. Rejecting… Continue reading

Sharing both sides is our Cartoon of the Day

The JTNews recently reported on an event sponsored by Parents Circle, an organization offensive to many terror victim families  for politicizing their grief and placing the blame for the conflict squarely on Israel.… Continue reading

JTNews offers a One Sided Story

TERROR VICTIM’S FATHER SHARES PERSPECTIVE ON CONTROVERSIAL GROUP Too many parents have endured the unbearable pain of losing a child as a result of what Arnold and Frimet Roth refer to as “this… Continue reading

Pals fly Nazi flag is our Cartoon of the Day.

We reported in aprevious post how the Palestinian village of Beit Umar has a preoccupation with Nazi memorabilia, most notably the occasional flying of the Nazi flag over the village minarets. We noted at… Continue reading

Nazi flag flying high in Palestinian town

Israel National News and Israel’s Channel 4 are both reporting  that  Israelis motorists driving by the Palestinian Authority controlled village of Beit Umar were shocked by the sight of the Nazi flag flying high… Continue reading

Richard Silverstein has a bad week & a new cartoon

As Aussie Dave over at Isreallycool so eloquently posted today… Anti-Israel blogger Richard Silverstein has had a hell of a crappy week. It started off with being roundly mocked and condemned for harassing a palestinian woman… Continue reading

Shas compared to Hamas at Synagogue sponsored event in Seattle

TEMPLE DE-HIRSCH SPONSORS CONTROVERSIAL ISRAEL EVENT Group claims to promote dialogue but only tells only one side of the story. Seattle, WA – Parents Circle  is an organization founded by a group of… Continue reading

Richard Silverstein, Sheriff of Palestine County

RICHARD SILVERSTEIN DISRUPTS ANTI-ISRAEL EVENT AT ST. MARKS CATHEDRAL In addition to his hyper-paranoid prattle about all things Israel, it appears that anti-Israel blogger Richard Silverstein has deputized himself Sheriff of Palestine County.  In… Continue reading

J Street gets slapped down at UC Berkeley – and a new cartoon

The Daily Californian is reporting today that the Jewish Student Union (JSU) at UC Berkeley rejected for the second time J Street U’s request to be accepted as a member organization. The bylaws of… Continue reading

StandWithUs counters misleading anti-Israel bus ads in Vancouver BC

A war is being waged against the Jewish state, it is virulent, irrational and motivated by hate. This war on Israel is not being fought in the Middle East, it is being fought in… Continue reading

An Israeli Soldier to American Jews: Wake Up!

  In an op-ed appearing in today’s Times of Israel,  StandWithUs Shaliach Hen Mazzig exposes the dark underbelly of  concentrated Israel hatred so prevalent in the Pacific Northwest. While the mendacity of local  anti-Israel extremists… Continue reading

Two takes on the Pew Poll and a Cartoon

Articles about the Pew Poll on American Jewry have been proliferating this week,  in stark contrast to American Jewry which has not (been proliferating that is).  I nearly got whiplash today after reading… Continue reading


As unlikely as it may seem, four Rabbinical students of  Mesifta Torah Vodaath in Brooklyn, NY did get into gun related legal trouble and that isn’t the most unusual part of this story.… Continue reading

More Crazy Stuff Linda Frank Says

Readers of The Mike Report are familiar with Linda Frank, the fun loving anti-Israel extremist who visited Hamas run Gaza in 2009, accuses Israel of using snipers to murder children and compared  the… Continue reading