More recycled news from Ma’an Palestinian News Agency

What do you do on a slow news day? Well if you are the Palestinian Ma’an News agency you just make up some news or if you are really lazy you just recycle some old news. Today Maan posted the following article about Israeli flags being hung from the Ma’arat Hamachpela along with the accompanying photograph.


The funny thing is  that the picture accompanying this article was first sighted in a WAFA News Service article on April 26th 2012 which at that time reported on a remarkably similar story.


The Mike Report has no problem with Israeli flags hanging from the burial place of our Jewish forefathers (and mothers), but we are amused by the lack of effort the Palestinian Authority is putting into their ummm, exaggerations.  I guess you get a little lazy when the Western media take anything you put out there at face value.

On a side note, we just love the Ma’an News Agency logo, doesn’t it look remarkably like a lizard keeling over on his back, perhaps after being hit by a wayward stone?