J Street gets slapped down at UC Berkeley – and a new cartoon


The Daily Californian is reporting today that the Jewish Student Union (JSU) at UC Berkeley rejected for the second time J Street U’s request to be accepted as a member organization. The bylaws of the JSU, an umbrella organization for Jewish student groups on campus, stipulate that a member organization must not host speakers who demonize Israel. Much of the disagreement focused on J Street U’s relationship with Breaking the Silence, an organization that criticizes Israel’s military operations in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem.  Critics of Breaking the Silence have accused the group of fabricating testimony in order to delegitimize the Jewish state.

J Stret U’s parent organization, J Street, has also weathered criticism for promoting views considered out of the mainstream by most Israelis and  Israel advocacy organizations. Prominent Jewish leaders like Attorney Alan Dershowitz have described J Street as anti-Israel. The Zionist Organization of America has criticized J street for hosting representative from the Fatah (PLO) organization and for advocating that Israel negotiate with the terror organization Hamas.

“We are not afraid … to host people who we might disagree with.

“We are not afraid, as American Jews, to address those (difficult issues),” said Shayna Howitt, J Street U’s national communications co-chair. “We are not afraid … to host people who we might disagree with. We’re not afraid to stand up and question how we can best support Israel, because we’re committed to the safety of Israel.”

Shayna’s comments are the inspiration for today’s Mike Report original Cartoon!

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