Richard Silverstein has a bad week & a new cartoon

As Aussie Dave over at Isreallycool so eloquently posted today…

Anti-Israel blogger Richard Silverstein has had a hell of a crappy week. It started off with being roundly mocked and condemned for harassing a palestinian woman for criticizing Hamas. His ego was further deflated after his bullying attempt on a young woman filming at an event was unsuccessful (and caught on film). But just when he probably thought things could not get worse, they did. It was just revealed he has been “duped” by one of his infamous “anonymous sources.”

At the beginning of this week Richard Silverstein, Seattle’s one man Hamas cheer-leading squad, had posted a series of  “exclusive” articles revealing for the first time anywhere that Iranians had hacked and crashed a whole bunch of Israeli drones. Silverstein waxed gleeful that Israel had suffered such a setback, all the sweeter as it was delivered  at the hands of the Iranians (Silverstein is big fan of the Iranians, Hamas too). Turns out that Silverstein was taken in and his anonymous source, whom he didn’t even vet, was taking Richard for a ride.

It seems that as long as the info makes Israel look bad, it doesn’t matter where it comes from… which leads us to Today’s Mike Report original cartoon!