How to speak Terrorist

After a day or two of  reading news reports from Palestinian media you will be forced to come to the uncomfortable conclusion that Israel has a real problem with olives.


Several times a week Palestinian news agencies like Maan, ISM and WAFA publish lurid descriptions of “settlers” ripping out, tearing down or shredding innocent Olive trees. The articles are kind of like those Mad-Libs from our school days, with only the name of the Palestinian village and victimized farmer changing from story to story. The pictures accompanying those articles are usually stock photos pulled from some unrelated event and recycled over and over again. For example…


I admit my fascination with these tales of horticulture abuse, checking back with Ma’an or WAFA every couple of days for their latest tale of cruelty to martini garnishes. I thought I had seen every angle in the olive maiming genre… until today.  This morning I read of an act of olivecide unlike any other I had seen. Apparently the days of sporadic settler attacks on pristine olive groves are passe as the IDF is finally giving the olive threat the attention it deserves. Hey olives! You’re playing with the big boys now!

Olive Groves2

You read right, the Israeli Air Force loaded up a $47 million dollar warplane  with a 4th of July Yom Ha’atzmaut worthy can of whup-a** secured under her wings.  The mission; send two dozen Olive trees to Paradise where they will presumably be  met by 72 bottles of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

As I struggled with the logic of Israel spending $22,514 per hour (the cost of operating an F-16) to incinerate a grove of Olea europaea it occurred to me that the confusion may be attributable to the language barrier.  I thus asked Google to translate “Olive Groves” from Terrorist to English (see screen shot below).  



With translation in hand I was quickly able to make sense of the discrepancy between the above article from ISM and the below article from the IDF News desk.


I really love Google Translate.