Monthly Archive: November, 2013

Palestinian-Jewish Encounters of the Rigged Kind

Jewish-Palestinian dialogue organizations offer feel good encounters that do not serve the cause of peace. On 2 August 1990 Iraq launched a full scale invasion of Kuwait. Conservative estimates place the number of… Continue reading

A Jewish mom confronts hate in her own backyard

By Rachel Kaplan Sassoon  Times of Israel Blogger, Rachel Kaplan Sassoon tackles the latest version of the oldest hate. “Mom, why are they protesting against Israel? Why do they hate us?” My young… Continue reading

UN Translator goofs, says nine resolutions against Israel is excessive (out loud)

This is just a quick Mike Report tidbit. Israel Hayom posted a clip featured on the UN watch website today. It allows us a peek into  the bland duplicity that constitutes a UN  General… Continue reading

Israel haters and Hezbollah at the University of Washington

While life goes on as usual in the caffeinated city, a concentrated and vicious strain of Israel hatred has taken root at the center of Washington State’s flagship University.  I received the call… Continue reading

Richard Silverstein calls himself a racist

Loyal Mike Report readers will recall past posts featuring Richard Silverstein.  Silverstein is likely the most prolific and wackiest anti-Israel blogger-twitterer in the blogotwittersphere.  And he lives in Seattle, making him a personal source… Continue reading

Does Shoah event protester head a fabricated organization?

Local activist Jafar “Jeff” Siddiqui under the aegis of his group “American Muslims of Puget Sound” (AMPS) has protested college speakers, anti-terror ads, documentary filmmakers even holocaust education organizations. But does his group even… Continue reading