Richard Silverstein calls himself a racist


Loyal Mike Report readers will recall past posts featuring Richard Silverstein.  Silverstein is likely the most prolific and wackiest anti-Israel blogger-twitterer in the blogotwittersphere.  And he lives in Seattle, making him a personal source of interest (and embarrassment).

We have no idea why anybody would take Silverstein seriously as his mental gymnastics are  so twisted they would put a pretzel to shame.  Here is another fun example. Put on a neck brace or you may get whiplash.

Last month  Silverstein got into a Twitter shouting match with a Gazan who complained that Hamas should do something about their raw sewage problem (Silverstein was defending Hamas).   During the ensuing Twitter melee someone identified the melanin challenged Silverstein as “white”. Silverstein blew a gasket,


Silverstein insists that calling a Jew “white” is “insulting, demeaning and racist”

Silverstein insisted that calling a Jewwhite” is “insulting, demeaning and racist”… and then a few days later  in a classic Silverstein confused and befuddled flippety flop he went and called a whole bunch of Jews “white”.  In an article he posted on October 30th he lamented  “I too feel a degree of alienation from American Jewish identity as filtered through its rich, white male leadership.” 

What?  White male Jewish leaders!?  But I thought (or he thought) calling a Jew “white” is “insulting, demeaning and racist”. I guess it takes one “insulting, demeaning racist” to know one.