Will JTNews put anti-Israel group in their guide…again?


Despite the innocuous sounding name, Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) is one of the most virulent anti-Israel groups out there. In fact The Anti Defamation League has placed JVP on their list of the top ten anti-Israel organizations in the United States. True to form, this week JVP hailed the American Studies Association’s despicable academic boycott of Israel.

Notwithstanding JVP’s open support of the anti-Semitic BDS movement, JTNews, Seattle’s Jewish community newspaper has treated them as just another local Jewish organization, often providing cover for their radical agenda.  This past year JTNews gifted JVP with a fawning and grossly whitewashed entry in the 2013 edition of their Guide to Jewish Washington.

Considering the  recent controversies involving JTNews and  JVP, JTNews editor Joel Magalnick is undoubtedly aware of the extreme positions and actions of the anti-Semitic group. Thus The Mike Report awaits with baited breath the 2014 edition of the JTNews Guide to Jewish Washington.

Will the JTNews acknowledge JVP’s malevolence?

Will the JTNews acknowledge JVP’s malevolence by denying JVP a listing in their 2014 Guide to Jewish Washington, or will the Jewish Federation owned newspaper continue to launder JVP’s viperous agenda? Time will tell. The 2014 JT News Guide to Jewish Washington will be published in August, 2014.