Stupid French Anti-Semites fall for fake Sarah Palin news story



Anti-semitic French “Comedian” and politician  Dieudonne’s fascistic antics went relatively unnoticed in the United States until a photo of San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker  displaying Dieudonne’s trademark neo-Nazi salute went viral this week. The hand gesture, a variation of the Nazi sieg heil salute, was  invented by the Jew obsessed jokester and has come to be  known as The quenelle. Dieudonné’s followers take amusement in photographing themselves in front of Nazi death camps or other specifically Jewish sites while performing the now infamous salute.

French Jew hater Dieudonne falls for lame parody news site.

French Jew hater Dieudonne falls for lame parody news site.

When not praising the Iranian regime or blaming 9/11 on the Jews, Dieudonné is head of the French Anti-Zionist party (Parti Anti-Sioniste) an amalgam of left and right wing haters who share a common disdain for the Jewish people and the  Jewish state. 

In a straight faced  broadcast this week Dieudonné’s online news outlet aired a story on former US Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin. The news anchor  reported that Palin mistakenly flew to North Korea while attempting to reach South Africa for Nelson Mandela’s funeral. Unbeknownst to Dieudonné  and his SS acolytes, the Palin story was  completely bogus, the source being a fairly lame Onion like parody website, The Daily Currant

Click HERE to view the Palin news segment on YOUTUBE.

As Anti-semitism returns in force to Europe, we can take some small comfort that the latest crop of Jew haters seem to have the combined IQ of a  turnip.